Phantom Miro LC321S

The third generation Phantom Miro camera, small, lightweight, rugged and packed with advanced features. The Miro LC321S camera is ideal for a huge variety of applications requiring slow-motion images at cinema quality but with a small form factor and at a cost-effective price.

The flip out LCD touchscreen enable users to work in a truly untethered, no additional laptop or external controller is needed. This is a truly portable and user friendly high-speed camera.

The Phantom Miro LC321S is a 2 megapixel camera with 1.6 Gigapixels/second (Gpx/s) throughput. This translates to 1,380fps at 1920 x 1200, 1,500fps at 1920 x 1080 or over 2,250fps at 1152 x 1152. With 12-bit pixel depth, it offers high dynamic range for excellent image quality. Its ISO rating is 640 and one of the most sensitive high-speed cameras available, only comparable to the Phantom Flex.

The LC321S has been designed for use with with Vision Research’s new and unique CineFlash storage technology. These removable, non-volatile storage devices slide into the camera body and provide a way to save shots from the camera’s memory without the need for time-consuming and costly downloads

Supports up to Full HD Resolution

Maximum resolution is 1920x1200. Most commonly used in Full HD 1920x1080. The sensor’s pixel size is 10 microns, meaning the sensor size in millimetres is 19.2×10.8.

Records up to 1,500fps at 1080p

Shoot between 24fps and 1,500fps in Full HD 1920x1080.

Small, Lightweight and Rugged

In it’s smallest form, the LC321S with PL or EF lens mount, CineFlash and Sony battery weights an impressive 1.95KG. In this mode the dimensions of the camera are 23cmx10cmx10cm.

Maximum internal RAM supplied as standard

All Love High Speed's Phantom Miro cameras come with the maximum 12GB internal RAM as standard. Shoot continuously for 2' 6" seconds at 1000fps at 1080p. Resulting in a shot lasting almost 3 minutes on playback.

Love High Speed has endeavoured to offer the most comprehensive camera package available. With the Director of Photography and Focus Puller at the forefront of our mind, our standard package offers unrivalled accessories and design.

From our custom 15mm and 19mm bridge plate, custom top handle and bespoke power accessory box, the LC321S from Love High Speed is unrivalled. The power supply for the Miro has been completely redesigned by Love High Speed to offer the most flexibility possible for the user to achieve the shots needed.

Resolution Frame Rate (fps) 12GB RAM Maximum Playback time at 25fps
1920 x 1200 (max res) 1,386 (max fps) 2.6 seconds 2 Minutes 27 Seconds
1920 x 1080 (HD) 1,539 (max fps) 2.6 seconds 2 Minutes 43 seconds
1280 x 720 (2K 1.78:1) 3,271 (max fps) 2.8 seconds 6 Minutes 8 seconds
Format Resolution Size (mm) Image Circle
Max Res 1920×1200 19.2×12.0 26.6mm
HD 1920×1080 19.2×10.8 22mm
720p 1280×720 12.8×7.2 14.6mm
  • 12v Anton Bauer Batteries for on-board battery power
  • 12v 4-pin XLR input for block battery power
  • 12v and 24v Power Outputs
  • x2 HDSDI video outputs for picture monitoring
  • Phantom RCU input for camera control
  • Phantom RCU Bluetooth Dongle support for wireless camera control
  • 9’ Power and camera control extension for splitting power module from camera body
  • Phantom trigger adapter to BNC for standard trigger accessories.
  • Light-weight and streamline design reduces amount of cabling needed