Phantom v2640 Onyx

The Phantom v2640 Onyx is the media focused addition of the Ultrahigh-Speed Series of cameras and has unparalleled image quality with a full 4 Mpx sensor for exceptional detail.  The v2640 Onyx is the fastest 4 Mpx camera available and is the most sensitive camera in its class.

Key Features:

  • 35mm depth-of-field & 35mm field-of-view
  • Specially made Optical Low Pass Filter
  • 2K Square Maximum Resolution
  • Up to 12,500 fps at HD
  • 3,200 ISO as a Base
  • Global electronic shutter
  • 12-bit pixel depth
  • 144 GB high-speed internal RAM
  • Phantom CineMag™IV support – faster data throughput
  • 10Gb Ethernet standard
  • Lens mounts available PL, Canon EF, Nikon and Panavision PV

With the increased demand for higher frame rates, the Phantom Onyx offers unrivalled resolution and image quality at Ultrahigh-Speeds. For projects that need to capture images over 1,000 frames per second this is unquestionably the camera to use.

As the UK's leading slow motion camera rental supplier for the film and TV industry, Love High Speed has teamed up with Vision Research as the exclusive rental partner for the Phantom v2640 Onyx within Europe and Middle East regions.

The Phantom v2640 has the lowest noise rating and the highest dynamic range of any Phantom camera that uses a global shutter. The v2640 is compatible with the Phantom CineMag IV and V media storage systems and has 10Gb Ethernet as standard. For rentals of this unique camera, contact Love High Speed.

The fastest 4 Mpx camera available

The fastest 4Mpx camera on the market, achieving 6,600 fps at full resolution of 2048x1952 with super-35mm field of view and depth of field.


Unparalleled image quality with a full 4 Mpx sensor for exceptional detail, record up to 8,000fps at full 2K and over 20,000fps at 1280x720.


The most sensitive camera in its class, it has excellent image quality, with dynamic range of 12 stops and very low noise for clear, detailed images.

Large RAM and fast offload

Compatible with the Phantom CineMag IV & V media storage systems and the 10Gb Ethernet tools aid in manipulating, storing, and transferring the large amounts of data that come with extreme imaging.

Resolution HQ Max fps HQ Max Run Time H/S Max fps H/S Max Run Time
2048 x 1952 (max res) 4,861 fps 5.2 seconds 6,601 fps 3.8 seconds
2048 x 1152 (max 16x9) 8,071 fps 5.35 seconds 11,045 fps 3.9 seconds
2048 x 1721 (Anamorphic) 8,071 fps 5.35 seconds 11,045 fps 3.9 seconds
1920x1080 8,581 fps 5.75 seconds 12,514 fps 3.9 seconds
1280 x 720 12,544 fps 8.7 seconds 19,699 fps 5.5 seconds

The unique square 1:1 sensor allows for HD resolution vertical extraction. Frame for 1:1, 16x9 and 9x16 all in one full HD shot, simplifying the process of framing for multiple deliverable formats for platforms such as Instagram.

Format Resolution Size (mm) Image Circle
Full Sensor 2048×1952 27.6×26.3 38.1mm
2K (16x9) 2048×1152 27.6×15.52 31.7mm
2K Anamorphic 2048×1721 27.6×23.18 36.0mm
HD (16x9) 1920×1080 25.9×14.6 29.8mm
HDTV (16x9) 1280×720 17.25×9.7 19.8mm