Motion Control

The perfect partner to Love High Speed’s slow motion cameras is the cine modified manufacture industry robot arm from SISU Cinema Robotics.

High speed cameras have been creating amazing shots in commercials and films shooting high frames rates at 1,000 fps or more for some time. In order to make these shots more exciting film-makers have been asking how to get the camera to not only shoot fast but also move fast at the same time. Love High Speed answers that question with the most versatile robotic motion control system available.

Love High Speed's robotic motion control rigs have the ability to get up to full speed almost instantly so that the camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back to standstill in fractions of seconds, literally following falling objects and capturing images that would be impossible by hand or any other method. Combined with SISU Lab control software, the robot rigs are quick to program moves and offers all of the features for importing moves from 3D packages and exporting moves. General inputs and outputs can be programmed for triggering at an exact time, such as the pour of a beer, the turning of an object, etc.

Our rigs can be set up in a studio ready to shoot in under an hour. For high speed moves it is important the base of the rig is fixed to the floor, this is done by weighing down the unit with the weights provided.

Love High Speed's robotic motion control rigs can also be track mounted to allow tracking of the entire unit, adding further dimension and scope to this system. The track and be set up and positioned quickly and secured with the supplied weights for stability.