Phantom Flex

The Phantom Flex – Available from Love High Speed with PL, Panavision PV or Canon EF lens Mount.

Made with a 35mm format sensor, supports up to 2.5K resolution up to 1,600 frames-per-second. The Phantom Flex is one of the most advance digital high-speed camera available, the exceptional design and usability from the Phantom HD Gold has been developed and improved in the Flex offering exceptional flexibility in all areas of high-speed digital image capture.

Increased sensitivity now brings the Flex to 800 ISO at 25fps 180 shutter. The Flex uses a Global shutter which eliminates rolling shutter artifacts and improves multiple camera synchronization.

The internal 32GB RAM memory allows 10 seconds of capture time at 1000fps, which then plays back for just under 7 minutes. This increased capture time furthers the flexibility of the camera. Similarly to the HD Gold, any normal 35mm film lenses can be used with comparable field-of-view and depth-of-field. Integration with all industry standard accessories are possible, most 3D rigs, Steadicam’s and Cranes will suite the Flex.

It’s CineMag compatibility brings the fastest workflow for any high speed digital camera system. Shots can be saved in a matter of seconds to the solid state CineMag for safe storage.

Supports up to 2.5K resolution

At 2.5K resolution the Phantom Flex offers super-35mm field of view and depth of field. Resolution can be lowered to several high definition formats to increase the maximum frames per second.

Records up to 2,500fps at 1080p

Shoot between 24fps and 1,600fps in 2.5K resolution and 24fps and 2,500fps in 1080p.

Supports Phantom CineMag Media

Used for fast, hot-swappable, non-volatile memory. Shoot at high frame rates to the internal RAM, then quickly upload to the CineMag for safe storage. Or shoot direct at lower fps for continuous shooting.

Large Internal RAM for Long Run Times

At 1080p, 32GB internal RAM allows 10 seconds of capture time at 1000fps, which then plays back for just under 7 minutes. Or shoot in run stop mode direct to the on board CineMag up to 361fps.

Resolution Frame Rate (fps) 32GB RAM Run/Stop Mode Direct To CineMag
2560 x 1600 (max res) 1,456 (max fps) 3.7 seconds 195fps (max fps)
2560 x 1440 (2.5K 1.78:1) 1,617 (max fps) 3.7 seconds 217fps (max fps)
2048 x 1152 (2K 1.78:1) 2,405 (max fps) 3.9 seconds 339fps (max fps)
1920 x 1080 (HD) 2,564 (max fps) 3.9 seconds 361fps (max fps)
1920 x 1600 (Anamorphic) 1,736 (max fps) 3.9 seconds 244fps (max fps)
1280 x 720 (720p) 5,355 (max fps) 4.5 seconds 868fps (max fps)
  • 35mm depth-of-field
  • 35mm field-of-view at 2560×1440
  • Up to 2,560fps at 1920×1080 in Standard Mode
  • 12-bit pixel depth
  • 800 ISO rating at 25fps, 180 Shutter
  • Phantom CineMag compatible
  • 2 x 4:2:2 HD-SDI video ports, can be configured as dual-link 4:4:4 video
  • Global, electronic shutter
  • Internal mechanical shutter for hands-free and remote Black Balances
  • On-camera controls for camera modes, settings, playback, edit & save
  • Light weight and compact design, compatible with standard film equipment
Format Resolution Size (mm) Image Circle
Full Sensor 2560×1600 25.6×16.0 30.2mm
2.5K 1.78:1 2560×1440 25.6×14.4 29.4mm
2K 1.78:1 2048×1152 20.5×11.5 23.5mm
HD 1920×1080 19.2×10.8 22mm
2:1 Anamorphic 1920×1600 19.2×16.0 24.9mm
720p 1280×720 12.8×7.2 14.6mm