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19 Oct 2019

Favourite Colour: Black directs new Jax Jones ft Ella Henderson music video ‘This is Real’

Park Village director Favourite Colour: Black recently delivered the new ‘This Is Real’ music video for Jax Jones featuring Ella Henderson. The concept of Human meets Machine is set up with a Jax-branded cheerleader against an artificial robotic opponent which at first feels cold and inhuman, but by the end of the film has been brought to life by the music, establishing an almost human connection between the two. The machine ‘Character’ in the video is the BOLT high speed […]

19 Oct 2019


The Bolt Cinebot co-starred in a fantastic new music video featuring Jax Jones and Ella Henderson recently, proving that it can be a hit both in front and behind the camera! Currently, the video has had 1.7 million views on Youtube. The cool creative video was shot at Love High-Speed Studios using their camera equipment and was shot on an Alexa Mini and Phantom Flex4K. Director Favourite Colour Black said “The idea for this video had been in the back of my mind for a while. Every time I do […]

19 Oct 2019

Jax Jones ft. Ella Henderson – This Is Real

Jax Jones new Music Video ‘This Is Real’, ft. Ella Henderson. Shot at Love High Speed’s Studios. Camera equipment, lighting and Bolt Cinebot all supplied by Love High Speed. DIRECTOR Favourite Colour: Black PRODUCER Peter McMillan DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Jason Berman FOCUS PULLER Tim Allan GAFFER Charlie Panayi ART DIRECTOR Robert White WARDROBE David Hawkins HAIR & MAKE-UP Krystle Gohel EDITOR Craig Coole COLOURIST Vic Parker GRADING COMPANY Raised By Wolves VFX Favourite Colour: Black LEAD ACTOR Hannah Millot COMMISSIONER John […]