Phantom 65 Gold

Phantom 65 Gold - Available from Love High Speed in Hasselblad or Maxi PL lens mount.

The awe inspiring Phantom 65 Gold. The Phantom 65 Gold is the only true 10 megapixel uncompressed 4K Digital Cinema camera in the world capable of frame rates up to 150fps. It has a 4096×2440 sensor that is the same size as a 65mm film negative and achieves 65mm depth-of-field and field-of-view.

The 65’s 14-bit CMOS sensor provides the same dynamic range and color rendition from its well-known and award winning little brother the Phantom HD Gold. Unlike film, you can immediately see the results of a shot while you still have the scene set up and talent ready. High Definition images can be played back instantly through the HDSDI output. The Phantom 65 has preset formats for classic 65mm (2.28:1) as well as 2.35:1, 2.21:1 and 1.85:1 aspect ratios. User-selecable aspect ratios can be set in 8 pixel vertical increments.

It’s CineMag compatibility brings the fastest workflow for any high speed digital camera system. Shots can be saved in a matter of seconds to the solid state CineMag for safe storage.

Supports up to 4K resolution

Full 4K and many industry standard resolutions are available.

Record up to 150 fps at 4K

Shoot between 1fps and 150fps in full 65mm format at 4K resolution in Cine RAW.

IMAX Sized Sensor

The same size as IMAX and 65mm film negative, achieving 65mm depth-of-field and field-of-view.

Supports Phantom CineMag Media

Used for fast, hot-swappable, non-volatile memory. Shoot at high frame rates to the internal RAM, then quickly upload to the CineMag for safe storage. Or shoot direct at lower fps for continuous shooting.

Resolution Max Frame Rate
4096×2440 141
4096 x 2304 (4k 16:9) 150
4096 x 1712 (65mm 2.40) 202
3840 x 2160 (UHD) 160
2048 x 1104 (2k 1.85) 313
2048 x 872 (2k 2.35) 396
1920 x 1080 (HDTV 16:9) 320
1280 x 720 (HDTV 16:9) 479
  • 4K (4096 x 2440) resolution
  • 65mm depth-of-field and aspect ratio
  • Up to 150 frames-per-second (fps) at full 4K resolution
  • Adjust frame rate in 1 fps increments
  • Shutter speeds as fast as two microseconds (1/500,000 second)
  • 14-bit sensor depth (42-bit color)
  • Circular buffer recording or Run-Stop
  • Video out: 4:2:2 HD-SDI
  • Hot-swappable CineMag flash memory magazines
  • Weight: 12.1lbs (5.5Kg)
  • Compatible with 35mm accessories
  • Lenses: Arri 765 Distagon Lenses and Mamiya 645 standard