Canon K-35 Uncoated Flare Lens Set

We have removed the anti reflected multi-coating from the front and back on both the front and rear elements.

Resulting in more flare, and less contrast. This modification makes these lenses very expressive and a great tool for a specific look.

They flare beautifully and provide a unique alternative to using the classic Canon K-35 lenses, making them a popular choice for shoots such as music promos, fashion & commercials.

  • 18mm / T2.8 / cf 1′ / Front Diameter 87mm
  • 24mm / T1.5 / cf 1′ / Front Diameter 80mm
  • 35mm / T1.3 / cf 1′ / Front Diameter 80mm
  • 55mm / T1.3 / cf 2′ / Front Diameter 80mm
  • 85mm / T1.3 / cf 3′ / Front Diameter 80mm